by Dr Kool


Come back to the essential! Only three hyper-targeted products to treat all your skin problems.

The cosmetics market is overloaded with the number of different brands and products that all promise miracles. The result is that you have tons of products and you don’t know what to use anymore. Our approach is very different, going back to the basics is our mantra! A serum, a face cream and an eye care (2 areas that should not be treated in the same way). That’s all!

In the current context where the ecological aspect is crucial, reducing the number of products seemed essential to us!

That’s why, in creating Kool Beauty, we simply want to go back to the essential basics of a simple and yet effective skincare routine.

  • 1 hyper concentrated serum
  • 1 essential face cream
  • 1 targeted eye care

Only the Necessary!

You’ll find everything you need in these three products, whatever your specific needs.

Our laboratories have developed simple to use, effective formulas to fight imperfections, signs of ageing, dull complexions and eye care. A specific problem? All our products have been created to be mix together and you will need a maximum of three products to solve all your skin problems. Mixology is Kool Beauty mantra!

Need help choosing your products and getting back to basics? Take our diagnostic and discover the mixology that corresponds to your needs.




“Hello, I’m Dr. Kool, the official spokesman of all the scientists who have collaborated to create this brand. I am here to guide you in your search for the perfect combination of cream, serum and eye product. I will accompany you throughout your journey on our site to help you and give you tips and advice.

Make your personal diagnosis now! A personalized beauty prescription unique to your needs awaits you. ” Dr. Kool